30 Times of Writing

yea, since I right now have an incognito account to write things without feeling afraid of any judgments.

I want to challenge myself.
Let’s writing 30 times.
It doesn't have to be 30 days either, you can make it more than 30 days, write as you wish.

These are the theme you should write about.

  1. Describe Your Personality
  2. Things that Make Me Happy
  3. A Memory
  4. The Places that You Want to Visit
  5. My Parents
  6. Single and Happy
  7. Favorite Movies
  8. The Power of Music
  9. Write about Happiness
  10. My Best Friends
  11. Talk about Siblings
  12. Favorite TV Series
  13. Favorite Books
  14. Describe My Style
  15. If You Could Run Away, Where Would You Go?
  16. Someone I Miss
  17. Ways to Win My Heart
  18. 30 Facts About Myself
  19. My First Love
  20. My Celeb Crush
  21. Write about Love
  22. Write about Today
  23. A Letter to Someone
  24. Lesson You’ve Learned
  25. Something Inspired from The Eleventh image of Your Phone
  26. Your School
  27. Someone Who Inspires Me
  28. Write about Loving Someone
  29. Goals for The Future
  30. What do You Feel When You Write

Nah, besides these 30 articles, I plan to write another 30 articles after I finish this project and contain the writings about books, daily thoughts that probably are too sentimental to be written in any other mediums.



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